Treat Your Employees Right

Savor the world at Snack Bears.We provide customised snack boxes that cover every snacking preference

  • Delicious & Satisfying

    All of our snacks are hand picked just for your team

    Real-Time Deliveries

    Choose a delivery schedule that is convenient for you

  • Customised Snack Boxes

    Pick a snack box with flavours that you and your enmployees are going to love

    Save Time & Money

    With our snack delivery box, save time and money through our Snack Bears packaged deals

How it Works

  • 01- Sign Up

    Choose a snack box and a delivery plan that works for your office

  • 02- Receive

    We delivery your snack box directly to your office address

  • 03- Immerse

    Taste delicious hand picked from snack experts from around the world

What Can I Expect with Each Snack Box?

Each one of our snack mixes contains 100-200 single-serve snacks for the office.

Since each box is customised, the containments will include a rotating selection from more than 2000 different snack.

Are These Snacks Healthy?

With Snack Bears snacks, you can count on:

  • No artificial flavours
  • No MSG or hydrogenated oils

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