Do you offer telephone support?

No. Although we do not offer telephone support, we are more than glad to assist via our messenger feature.

Our messenger hours are:

8 AM - 9 PM on Monday to Friday

7 AM - 9 PM:  Saturday and Sunday

Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST)

Apart from our messenger feature, you can reach out by using our contact form.

Our target is to reply within 24 hours, but this might take a little longer over the weekends and public holidays.

I'm having trouble logging in…

My email address is not recognized.

We definitely suggest that you double-check your email address; and ensure it is the same you used when signing up. This is because if you have used a different email address to sign up, such as work or secondary email address, other than what you input, you will encounter such issues. If this does not fix the problem, please contact us.

I cannot remember my password.

Request a password reset email and we will send one to you straight away.

If you cannot find the email in your inbox, we would suggest checking your spam or junk mail folder in case it has ended up being there.

If you are still having trouble after trying these options, kindly contact us.

I'm not receiving emails from SNACK BEARS. What should I do?

We recommend that you check a few things:

If the email address on your account is correct, kindly ensure you inputted the correct details and if you need to update it, just go to your account details page.

Are our emails sent into your spam or junk mail folder? If this is happening, then add our email addresses to your contact list to stop it from happening again.

If you have checked each of the above and you are still not receiving our emails, contact us.


Can I buy just one box?

Since SNACK BEARS is a membership package, we cannot sell boxes on a one-time basis. If you sign up and would like to cancel before you are billed for the next box — you are welcome to unsubscribe and there is no fee attached for the cancellation of our services.

What will be in my box?

We send out a box that's packed to the brim with 10 or more snacks on each month of the year. It depends on which continent we're going! No matter the continent we are featuring, you'll always find a variety of sweet and savory snacks, all with unique flavors and spices that you will surely love.

With our continent-based snack box, we make it easy for you to see four snacks in the current box!

View this month's sneak peek.

If we haven't revealed all the contents in the current box yet, check out our Instagram handle for the latest reveal-updates and spoilers.

Visit our Past Boxes to see some of the boxes we've featured in recent times.

What if I have allergies?

We make it a point of duty to list every single ingredient of each snack on the brochure that we have added to your box.

We however warn that some products that we include in our boxes are manufactured in facilities that also produce or handle common allergens such as peanuts, wheat, tree nuts, eggs, soybeans, milk, fish, and shellfish.

Because of this, we advise that you do not purchase our product if you suffer from severe food allergies.

Will I like the products? What if I don't like the snack I receive?

We understand that there are a variety of flavours unique to each culture, and we are committed to helping our customers taste flavours from around the world.

We do this by finding the best snacks from around the world and providing them for your pleasure.

This means that you may sometimes be unfamiliar with some of our snacks. But not to worry, we will ensure that you get the best tasting and most popular snacks from different parts of the world.

And there is always snacks for everyone no matter your taste because we get new snacks in all the time!

Can I return my box for a refund?

We do not issue a refund for returned boxes, as each box has been especially prepared and packed for individual subscribers. Sorry, we cannot provide a refund for your box.


When will my gift ship?

It takes us between 1-3 business days after your order placement to ship your box.

What if I don't know my recipient's email address for their gift subscription?

Providing an email address of the recipient to facilitate the communication of information about shipping and delivery status is not a must.  We will however always send notification emails bearing shipping details to the sender of the gift subscription. We will also always provide all recipients with the necessary contact information through which they can reach us once they receive their first box.

Will I be notified when my gift box ships?

We will send a notification email to the email address we have on file every time we ship a box, whether it is the first time or for consequent monthly box ships.

Can a gift recipient change their shipping address during the subscription period?

Once a gift recipient has received his/her first box at a particular address, he/she is free to change the shipping address, provided that they contact us before the next box ships.

Will I continue to be billed after I give a snack box as a gift?

Our snack box gift operates on an ongoing basis.

This means that we will continue to bill you for the gift snack box every month except you cancel the gift membership. You can do this from your account page, and we will be sure not to charge you the next month for the gift snack box when you do.

Can I send a gift message inside the first snack box?

Yes! We allow our senders to include a personalised gift message in their gift orders. All you have to do is provide the gift message that you want included during the selection process.

Do you offer gift cards?

We do not do this at the moment, but we are working towards introducing this option.

If this is something that will interest you, please contact us. This will help us determine just how many people are interested in this service.


When will I be billed for my subscription?

Billing for a subscription is instant, just so that we can reserve your membership.

For monthly subscriptions: We will charge you on the first day of every month.

Please note that we won’t charge your first recurring payment until we are ready to send your second box.

For other subscriptions: We will charge you automatically every time that your subscription renews. This means that we will charge you every three months if you are on 3-months subscription, charge you every six months for 6-months subscriptions, and every 12 months for 12-month subscriptions. You are however free to cancel your subscription at any time that you so desire.

For gifts: We will charge you on an ongoing basis after you have given a snack box gift until you cancel.

Does SNACK BEARS cover the Duties or Customs fees?

SNACK BEARS does not include additional duties, fees, customs or taxes that imported goods incur, due to the complexity of international laws and taxes. This means that you are fully liable for all local customs and duties associated with your order.


Can I ship my order to a PO Box or APO/FPO address?

We allow shipping to PO Boxes, but are at this time unable to ship to APO/FPO addresses.

When will my box be dispatched?

If you are a new customer, we will ship your snack box very soon after the date of purchase, and this is usually within 1-3 business days.

If you are an existing customer, we will automatically renew your subscription on the 1st day of each month, and will ship your box the 10th. We are however not in a position to guarantee delivery dates, as this may vary from month to month.

We ask that you please allow 3-5 business days for the shipping of international orders.

What do I do if my snack box hasn't arrived?

Delays may be caused for a host of reasons, but is more often than not caused by bad weather.

Customs may also have a delaying effect on international deliveries while delivery time to locations outside of major cities may take just a bit longer than expected due to the fact that we do not control local delivery schedules.

If you are experiencing delays in receiving your snack box, please contact us. and let us have your shipping address. This is to allow us ascertain that there are no address issues and to enable us to track down your box quickly.

What do I do if my box is damaged during shipment or I am missing an item?

Should you notice a missing snack in your box or if you receive a damaged snack please take pictures of the defective box/items, and contact us.  with such pictures within 7 days of delivery.

We often resend damaged or missing items.