English Winter means to eat like an Australian!

Indoor winter activity

English summers are way too short and swiftly end leaving everyone clinching to their outdoor memories which have appeased us throughout those grateful months.

I am sure and true by saying we never “naturally” adjust back to our hibernation indoors. We generally book our next Heathrow airport getaway. Generally, to ease one's pain, I found from meets with Australians around London that these people give so much beyond their borders. Literally, our southern hemisphere friends seem to be more morally encompassed with socialism all year round because they live it outdoors all year round!

Australia map

I wondered how could I become more Australian? Apart from migration and going on a permanent holiday? Maybe people can eat these cultures snacks and drinks during our hibernation? Well, looking into their routines we have more than just our stomachs to please here. We have our mindset and feeling that you're exploring new foods on a daily or weekly basis seemed to keep me more Enlighted during them dark winter months. Tucking into Queenslander jerky, Tim Tams or even them Smiths crisps really did help during indoor socialising with my friends and helped by curating an evening with immediate a happy touch.

Essentially, we are all humans and we all want to feel like we are having the time of our lives even when the weather keeps us at bay. We can learn to program our minds to ease season adjustments by introducing foods that are a talking point around your friends or even during your favourite tv show. Australians live outdoors all year and basically having that Aussie sensation when you snack automatically helps you become similar in nature.

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