British Tries Indian Snacks: Bhuja Chip Mix


I stumbled across a product from Majans to find they are surprisingly incorporating both crinkle and cracker styles within the one bag. These terrific chips are very good value but would these live up to their original award-winning nut products?

There were two flavours: Butter Chicken & Tandoori Delight.

As I began to eat the Tandoori delights, my tongue enjoyed a deep Indian flavour which transported me directly to my local Indian restaurant for two seconds until the snack flavour disintegrated away leaving me wanting more. The chip was as described “delightful” although they did lack a well need chilli spice!   

My standards were now set to Everest leaving no spice on my tongue. As I began to crack open the butter chicken favour, I remained optimistic that the chip would be slightly softer and hold more butter flavour to do the curry some justice. This chip failed to provide any sort of similar flavour and was rather boring, to say the least.

This left me to think that the Bhuja chip mix is a great product with a standard flavour which is great for entertaining guests around the bbq. They did make a very good first attempt at producing quality products with some minor flavour issues.

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