10 Must Try European Snacks | Iconic European Snacks

An opened bag of Monster Munch roast beef flavour with the UK flag on the top right corner

1. Walkers Monster Munch Roast Beef Flavour - The UK

    Beefy, crispy chunks of old school Feet shaped snacks. If you haven't already tasted the royalty of Monster Munch, you're about to now live it and get hooked! Vegan-Friendly.


    An opened bag of Haribo Sweet & Sour Bears Made in Germany

    2. Haribo Sweet & Sour Bears - Germany

    Delightful Gummy Bears,  Sour offsets the sweet with bears hand in hand. These are a German Charmer!


    Fazer Marianne peppermint candies

    3. Fazer Marianne Peppermint Candies - Finland

    Peppermint sweets with a chocolate centred filling! Fazer Marianne are mint chocolates, coated in a tasty silver shell.


    Burtons Jammie Dodgers

    4. Burtons Jammie Dodgers - The UK

    The best Childhood biscuits in Britain! Shortbread sandwich filled with raspberry jam! The Best Ever!


    Fazer Tyrkisk Peber

    5. Fazer Tyrkisk Peber -  Denmark 

    Salty Liquorice! These are bitter & smooth for a few seconds, as it dissolves, little dashes of salmiak overrun your mouth with sweetness. Vegan Specialty! 

    6. Soletti Salted Sticks - Austria 

    Delightful and Low in calories! Great for evenings to settle you down. Nice for nibbling and very mourish. Yum!

    7. Walkers Squares Salt and Vinegar - The UK

    Walkers are the most popular crisps in the U.K! Ultra-Crunchy, extremely vinegary and absolutely delicious. Finger Licking!

    8.Loacker Wafers Napolitaner - Italy

    Best four light wafers! These are crispy with three layers of their smoothest cream (Napolitaner, Cremkakao, Vanille). This snack is perfect snack on the go!

    9. Sherbet Fountain - The UK

    Fizzy sherbet with a little liquorice dip stick. Shake well and get Licking & Dipping!

    10. Keep Calm and Carry On Red Tin, English Breakfast Tea - The UK

    Blend your Day with traditional Breakfast Tea. English strength! In sunrise round bags, just like over the pond! And a red metal tin keeps your tea fresh every morning.

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