9 Australian Snacks every British needs to try



    Ultra finger liking and seriously orange making your eyes work faster than your mouth. Each one of these crisps is mega crumbly and crunchy! So proceed by opening them carefully!

    Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramello Koala

      Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramello Koala

      Sticky caramel on the roof of your mouth leaving you tasting that great caramel sensation for hours. Perfect chocolate providing ease to your caramel addition and is equally balanced. Koalas are cute and you’ll be attached to these little guys before you know it!

      Burger Rings

        Burger rings

        Sizzled in burger flavouring which means these are the best with your alcoholic beverage! Friends love them, and the kids will steal these from you. These crunchy delightful chips are always your better alternative to hula hoops.


          Coconut blessed Australian lamington is simple yet provides you with an indulgent taste. The sponge cake snack sometimes includes raspberry jam and goes well with your cup of tea. Australians enjoy mainly during the afternoon although the won't last long if you dip them for too long!

          Lifesavers Musk

            Lifesaver Musk

            These are your very own life saver when your cravings need them the most! Hard on the outside, you'll be sure to suck these and enjoy all the sweet goodness they have to provide. Keep a pack in your work bag or enjoy a silent bus journey home.

            Tim Tam Choc Malt & Sticky Caramel

              Arnotts Tim Tam Slams Choc Malt & Sticky Caramel

              Backpackers travel and never miss out on these delights. Chocolate exterior glaze, biscuit middle layer help as a barrier before your mouth eats into the opposite diagonal corners. Yes, you’ve thought it! Use it in your tea like a straw, the entire thing awaiting the chocolate explosion hitting your mouth!

              Allen’s Snakes Alive

                Allen’s Snakes Alive

                Sweet snakes are the only non-venomous snack you can find in Australia. No artificial colours mean you're going to munch the entire packet in one go! Wait! Before you go and eat them… try compressing a few within the palm of your hand….. and yes all these little friends become alive once you open your hands!

                Mars Pods Snickers

                  Mars Pods Snickers

                  These little pods are easily snuck into the cinema, school classroom or even to give you little sugar rush when you need it most. Pop them into your mouth like handling popcorn! Squish and crush the crusty cups to unravel the creamy chocolate and honeycomb. Try the variety being your favorite British tastes in an Aussie version, yes for real! Try Snicker Pods, Mars Pods Twix Pods and many more to choose.

                  Samboy Atomic Tomato

                    Samboy Atomic Tomato

                    Samboy crisps are the old school Aussie snack! Open and see how much these little guys are covered in tomato sprinkles that beats any Heinz ketchup. Every Brit needs to put these to the challenge!

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